Engagement Session: Mike and Alisha

You might recognize Mike due to the fact that he’s my brother. However, I have way bigger muscles than him, so I’d understand if you didn’t quite catch the similarities. He and Alisha are obviously great friends of mine so I had a most enjoyable time shooting their engagement photos at Clay Pit Pond in Belmont, MA.

claffey 4

These are without a doubt some of the best engagement photos I’ve taken in my career. Mike and Alisha flow so naturally that their pictures came out looking like advertisements for Sandals Resorts.
claffey 3

It doesn’t hurt that the scenery was gorgeous and the weather was perfect. It was an enjoyable day for all of us, even if we had to stand within 30 feet of the infamously dirty Clay Pit Pond. These shots more than make up for that!claffey 2 claffey 1


And I had to throw this one in – I laugh every time I see it. Mike, you are just SO COOL.claffey 5

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Engagement Session: David and Felisa

I recently shot David and Felisa at what I believe to be one of the coolest museums in Massachusetts – the deCordova. The museum describes itself as more of a “sculpture park” which is far more accurate. As you walk around the campus, you come face-to-face with some truly unique pieces of art. I loved shooting these guys here – they are just as quirky as the park itself.

palagi 4

I loved how fearless they were, jumping on each other, on sculptures – truly taking advantage of the scenery.palagi 3

But they still took some time to be romantic! The sky was absolutely flawless today – it looked like it belonged in a museum itself.palagi 2

How iconic is this shot?! I’ve always been a fan of this sculpture by Jim Dine aptly titled “Two Big Black Hearts.” The deCordova is rife with unique and quirky pieces of art – a perfect setting for David and Felisa.
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Event: Heineken Party

I was lucky enough to get an invite to shoot the Heineken party at the Liberty Hotel in Boston last week and it was an absolute blast. Free beer, free music, and endless entertainment via people watching. Everyone was having a great time jamming on the dance floor and tossing back brewskis, it almost didn’t even feel like I was working!

heineken 1


The Heineken girls looking lovely! These ladies were troopers – on their feet all night in high heels chatting and interacting with guests.

hein 2


I loved the ambience in the room as they were setting up. Eerie but beautiful at the same time. Green can sometimes be tough to pull off but Heineken does it well.

hein 3

Of course I had to get some shots of the product. Heineken did everything in its power to make the evening fun, loud, and energetic – and they absolutely met their goal. Thanks for the invite guys!hein 5 hein 4

hein 6


My favorite shot of the night – a perfect example of how energetic and happy the dance floor was.

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Portraits: Victoria

You may recognize Victoria from her “family” shoot a few months back. I was thrilled when she asked to get some professional headshots done. She is incredibly easygoing in front of a camera and makes my job that much easier. Look how sassy and powerful she looks!

victoria 1

She’s already put these to good use on her Facebook and social media profiles. I’m glad she’s enjoying the shots – it’s always reassuring seeing your work being used by those involved. Thanks Victoria for another fun experience!victoria 2Check out more of our headshots: Samantha’s Senior Portrait and our Pop-Up Studio Debut.


Family Portraits: Bizier Family


I always love getting the chance to take family shots. It’s always a pleasure meeting a happy, smiling baby. Mason Bizier was no different! He was such a cool customer. His dad, Mike, was well prepared for the shoot, with fantastic props. Check out this nameplate – it’s twice the size of Mason!bizier 3


I LOVE this shot – makes me snicker every time. A baby in sunglasses is always funny (in a cute way) in my book.bizier 2

And one last shot of Mason fitting right in with his favorite toys, who just so happen to be his same size. Thanks Mason and Mike for a fun afternoon!
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Event: Tough Mudder

I was lucky enough to know a few people that were attending the Tough Mudder at Gunstock Mountain in Gilford, NH. According to the website, Tough Mudder is a “hardcore 10-12 mile obstacle course designed by British Special Forces to test your all around strength, stamina, mental grit, and camaraderie” as well as “the premiere obstacle course series in the world.” Even though I didn’t participate, I would say that is the most accurate description I could come up with. I was nervous and out of breath half the time just watching people participate.

mudder 1


My favorite obstacles involved extreme teamwork – carrying, pulling, throwing, fire – yep, FIRE. There were a few obstacles that I was unsure were legal for civilian use but turned out to be the most rewarding challenges for those involved. Look at these happy faces!mudder 4 mudder 3

At the end of the day, I’m positive that everyone who attended was glad they did it. In my opinion, it’s one of the most rewarding things to test how far you can push your body and see the results of a job well done. Congratulations to everyone who participated!mudder 2We are available for event photography and are happy to set up a pricing plan for you. Check out our contact page by clicking here or e-mail us at oc@orlandoclaffey.com!


Wedding: Natasha and Dave

You may remember Natasha and Dave from their engagement session in February. I was so excited to work with them again because I loved their laid-back demeanor. They were so happy and I knew that would reflect in their wedding photos. They held their wedding and reception at Independence Harbor in Assonet, MA when snow was still blanketing the ground. It was a sight to behold!

natasha 6

Love how coy they are in this photo – heading off to the reception!natasha 5

One thing you may notice about these two is how they’re always smiling – and that’s natural. Definitely a rarity nowadays, but so heartwarming to witness.
natasha 4 natasha 3 natasha 2

I absolutely loved taking photos with the sun bouncing off the snow – how’s that for natural lighting?natasha 1Check out Natasha and Dave’s engagement session.


Wedding: Kristi and Dan

I was thrilled when I heard Kristi and Dan were having their wedding at Chateau Tivoli in San Francisco. I was so intrigued by their unique wedding concept – Kristi wore a gorgeous Victorian-style wedding dress to complement the vintage feel of the venue. And then I realized I would be able to visit Ghirardelli and stuff myself with chocolate and that made the trip that much more exciting.kristi 6

I was so impressed by how classy and thorough the theme was. Every inch of the bridal party was decked out in elaborate fancy garb. Each person seemed so happy for the bride and groom, who seemed truly happy and in love.kristi 5

The most heart-wrenching part of a wedding for me has always been witnessing a father walk his daughter down the aisle. Watching their faces contort as they try not to cry is always fun yet emotional to watch.kristi 3

But the first dance is always my favorite part of a wedding – the hushed silence makes it seem like the bride and groom are the only people in the room, and we get to witness this special moment. What a great experience!kristi 4

Engagement Session: Natasha and Dave


Despite the overcast skies, I still had a blast shooting Natasha and Dave’s engagement photos at Boston University’s Marsh Plaza. The couple was so clearly infatuated that it made for any weather troubles we experienced. They were naturals in front of the camera – all I needed was a smile and we had a great shot. natasha e 5 natasha e 4

I loved shooting in front of this statue. No one knows exactly what it’s supposed to be except for that it has something to do with Martin Luther King Jr. Any guesses? natasha e 3

I love this candid shot. They look so at ease and happy – a perfect couple!natasha e 2 natasha e 1Be sure to check out their wedding photos, which were shot at Independence Harbor in Assonet, MA.


Engagement Session: Andy and Abbey

130207HAT005saveI loved working with Andy and Abbey on a chilly night in February. We set up shop in Coolidge Corner, Brookline – a perfect spot with just enough edginess to play off their romance. I’ve always loved the old-timey feel of Coolidge Corner, and it was the perfect setting to capture these lovebirds. I love that they went all out with their poses! They were a fantastic couple to shoot and incredibly cool for braving the freezing weather they were faced with.

aa1I especially love how coordinated they were with the colors of the Coolidge Corner Theatre sign. I’m sure it wasn’t on purpose but it made for some great photos.

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