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Orlando Claffey: Photobooth Rental Now Available!

I am so pleased to finally be able to introduce our handmade Photobooth! After many test runs and pleased customers, Orlando Claffey Photography is now offering a fully handmade and functional photobooth for use at any and all events.

booth collage 1

My brother and I spent many tireless nights building this puppy; it’s fully decked out with a touch screen display that is easy to use for guests, lights, printer and an awesome prop table. It’s easily transportable and configured onsite, so the only thing you have to worry about is making the silliest face possible.

Here’s a shot of the booth itself:

photobooth 3

As you can see, it’s about the size of an ATM. It’s easily tucked away into the corner of your venue, or, if you’re super excited about it, it can be made the star of the show.

Here it is set up in all its glory, complete with prop table to the right:

photobooth 1

photobooth 2

How picturesque is that first shot? Take a look at the people outside getting ready to goof off, and contrast that with the perfectly romantic couple having a moment on the inside. Such a perfect representation of how much fun this thing really is! Love it.

booth collage 2

Pricing and availability can be found by visiting our website or contacting us at We want you to bring your best face forward!

full strip 3         full strip 2         full strip 1


Event: Heineken Party

I was lucky enough to get an invite to shoot the Heineken party at the Liberty Hotel in Boston last week and it was an absolute blast. Free beer, free music, and endless entertainment via people watching. Everyone was having a great time jamming on the dance floor and tossing back brewskis, it almost didn’t even feel like I was working!

heineken 1


The Heineken girls looking lovely! These ladies were troopers – on their feet all night in high heels chatting and interacting with guests.

hein 2


I loved the ambience in the room as they were setting up. Eerie but beautiful at the same time. Green can sometimes be tough to pull off but Heineken does it well.

hein 3

Of course I had to get some shots of the product. Heineken did everything in its power to make the evening fun, loud, and energetic – and they absolutely met their goal. Thanks for the invite guys!hein 5 hein 4

hein 6


My favorite shot of the night – a perfect example of how energetic and happy the dance floor was.

Check out more of our event shots: the Tough Mudder and Elizabeth Warren’s Meet & Greet.


The Engagement: Mark and Robyn

Dug this up for Mark and Robyn and figured I’d post it.  I did an engagement shoot for them a few months ago, but here is where it all started.  Mark had me stake out Christopher Columbus Park in Boston.  Behind me is Boston Harbor, and he was planning to turn so she could see the boats and I could get her reaction.  Maybe he was nervous (can’t imagine why), but it all worked out anyway.  It was a great moment to be a part of.

My Sort-of Award

I am officially a sort-of award winning photographer. Today I learned that my slideshow focusing on Heidi Delisle and her Hoop the World project was a finalist in the Best of Gatehouse Media awards. The award ended up going to Lauren DeFilippo at the Randolph Herald, but second place is nice too.

Since this is a blog about my journey to a Pulitzer, I should be saying how a second place finish is below me, but I’m genuinely happy for the recognition so I’ll save that for my next sort-of award.

Also, congrats to Kathy Ragsdale of the Woburn Advocate for taking home Feature Writer of the Year. Now that is an award!

Number of photography awards I’ve received: .5
Chances I’ll ever win a Pulitzer: 9%