Wedding: Amy and Casey

This past July I was lucky enough to photograph one of the most radiant and loving couples I’ve experienced in my career. Amy and Casey were wed at the beautiful and rustic¬†Bishop Farm in Lisbon, NH, on a shiny, sunny day. Couldn’t get much more perfect than that!amy 1

I loved seeing how happy each bride was. All day they were beaming, giggling, and smiling with no provocation. Truly a happy couple!amy 2

This is the best part of the day for me. When the couple starts crying you know things are about to get real.amy 3

Look at that grin – can’t get much more satisfied than that!
amy 4

This photo is one of a million that show just how picturesque and romantic a place Bishop Farm really is. The scenery could not have been better to complement the sunny disposition of these girls.amy 5

Such big smiles! It was so nice to be in the presence of Amy and Casey on their wedding day. I’d be hard-pressed to think of a happier couple.
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