Wedding: Kristi and Dan

I was thrilled when I heard Kristi and Dan were having their wedding at Chateau Tivoli┬áin San Francisco. I was so intrigued by their unique wedding concept – Kristi wore a gorgeous Victorian-style wedding dress to complement the vintage feel of the venue. And then I realized I would be able to visit Ghirardelli and stuff myself with chocolate and that made the trip that much more exciting.kristi 6

I was so impressed by how classy and thorough the theme was. Every inch of the bridal party was decked out in elaborate fancy garb. Each person seemed so happy for the bride and groom, who seemed truly happy and in love.kristi 5

The most heart-wrenching part of a wedding for me has always been witnessing a father walk his daughter down the aisle. Watching their faces contort as they try not to cry is always fun yet emotional to watch.kristi 3

But the first dance is always my favorite part of a wedding – the hushed silence makes it seem like the bride and groom are the only people in the room, and we get to witness this special moment. What a great experience!kristi 4

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