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The Quaint Town of Westford

Westford has melted my heart after this weekend’s festivities.

It is a small town with an unremarkable center and a pretentious public school called Westford Academy. It’s also one of those towns that doesn’t allow drive thru’s at their fast food establishments, though I don’t think they force them to provide silverware as they do in Concord. First impressions are everything they say, but like anything, if you give it some time and have an open mind that impression can change.

I was handed a Westford heavy assignment sheet this weekend. My first stop was to a Elementary Science Fair. My recent post regarding youth talent shows should sum it up. Adorable, but a leprechaun trap and a rocket pack made out of soda cans is not science.

The next day was the Apple Blossom festival. This is where I started to fall in love. The day starts with a parade down their main street, concluding at a carnival where they crown the Apple Blossom Queen. Who outside of the Midwest still crowns agriculture beauty queens? Probably an ignorant statement on my part, but I was surprised and eager to shoot the ceremony. I’m a big fan of unique traditions, and this was certainly unique to the area.

After the ceremony, there were rides for the kids and bands playing. Just a fun day for a family. But the endearing traditions in Westford didn’t stop there.

Later in the day I was back at the Westford Common, surrounded by hundreds of towns folk, waiting for the seniors from Westford Academy (still pretentious) to arrive for prom photos. Apparently all the kids come in their limos, show off there outfits, meet with friends and take photos to kick off their fun-filled night. What struck me was that it wasn’t just a few dozen kids that came. It was almost all of them. Hundreds of students and even more parents and underclassmen cramming into the town common and filling it to the brim. And children, 8, 9 and 10-years-old, watching the commotion and looking forward to the day when they would be all dolled up and handsome like the seniors taking pictures of their own.

Another unique tradition that had me in awe.

Number proms I went to: 4
Chances I’ll ever win a Pulitzer: 8%

En Ka Street Fair

Got a chance to shoot the En Ka Fair for the Winchester Star. I love fairs and carnivals. I could shoot them all the time, and hopefully I will this summer. Lighting credits go to my boss, who set up my assignments to I could get here as the sun was setting. Mother nature did the rest with the beautiful clouds.

Times on a Ferris Wheel in the last decade: 0

Chances I’ll ever win a Pulitzer: 6%